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Community for the Curious

In Agora23, questions reign supreme.

We explore big concepts and topics with the
humility of those seeking understanding,
and we have a lot of fun doing it. 

This is where ideas come to play, and we want
your voice at the table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHO can join?

We welcome all adults over the age of 18 years of age, or the age of legal majority in your country. For now, we conduct sessions in English, and we recommend native fluency, or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels C1 and C2. If you are wondering if Agora23 is right for you, please contact us.

WHERE do I join?

Explore the session topics below, to book a single session, or enroll further down. If you have questions, please click the 'Contact us' link or email us at

WHAT is involved?

Agora23 flexes to your available time, so whether you attend sessions every week, and actively participate in the community discussions in between, or pick and choose the sessions that match your interests and schedule, you have the freedom and control. We also give you freedom in pricing, allowing you to pay per session (US$ 10), or choose a monthly subscription (US$ 20).

WHY join?

Agora23 serves as a healthy, vibrant, intellectual community for curious adults that want to use their brains, examine big ideas, and learn from and with others. If you crave a space where you can go to think big thoughts, and kick ideas around with other similarly-curious individuals, we welcome you to register. Another key WHY is the community we are building with the help of each and every member. Unlike some online spaces, you will find a culture in Agora23 that encourages and supports the best of individuals and the community as a group. The final WHY has to be friendship. While we all have plenty of friends, we all deserve intellectual friends that share our curiosity. With Agora23, you will build those friendships with people from all over the world, creating an intellectual network of minds you respect and whose company you enjoy.

WHEN are sessions?

We hold three online sessions every Wednesday. 10:00 UTC, which is evenings in East Asia, Australia / Oceania. 18:00 UTC, which is evenings for Africa and Europe. 00:00 UTC, which is evenings in The Americas. We recommend World Time Buddy, if you need help converting your time to UTC. If the times do not work for you, let us know, because we are planning to expand, and your opinion on that matters!

HOW do I prepare?

Come as you are, truly. We welcome people from every background. Inside, you will find an experience that prepares you for the discussions, while also inspiring you to feed your curiosity and expand your intellectual foundation. We also send out the topics in advance, with helpful resources, for those interested in getting a jump start on their thinking.

The À La Carte Option

Whether you have a complicated schedule, or you are only interested in select topics, the à la carte option allows you to pay for sessions individually. Our topics change weekly, so sign up above to get notifications about the latest topics. 

  • Between a rock and a hard place

    10 US dollars
  • Is consensus always the best way?

    10 US dollars
  • Surfing the Information Tsunami

    10 US dollars
  • The things we're not allowed to question.

    10 US dollars

The Subscription Option

A monthly subscription is perfect for individuals that want ease and cost-savings. Subscriptions are US$20 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

A monthly subscription includes weekly sessions, and access to our Agora23 online community. 

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