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At Launchpad23, we believe:
interests lead to passions,
passions build into purpose,
and that with a clear purpose,
our children can accomplish anything. 

As you know from personal experience, traditional education systems the world over deliver varyingly poor returns on investment, particularly when we account for the total time children spend in the education system.
We also know that we cannot afford to wait around for a solution. Our children are growing by the day, and they need and deserve better now

That is why at Launchpad23 we are taking the proverbial bull by the horns, and implementing solutions for the benefit of our children with the help of technology that makes it possible to overcome the geographic, structural, political, social, and other deficits that historically crippled the potential of educators and educational institutions. 

THE TAP ROOT: Your Child's Interests

We believe everything starts with understanding that your child is a unique individual with unique interests. 

We believe those interests are the vital tap root of your child's tree of knowledge and experience, providing sustenance and an anchor as their tree grows over the course of their life. Sever that root, or let it wither, as is so often done in modern education, and we can hardly be surprised that the tree does not flourish. 

Nourished and encouraged, however, that tap root of interests does what all tap roots do: it allows for robust growth, including a network of outreaching roots that support and stabilize the tree. In children, this corresponds to a natural broadening of interests over time, which create stability and strength for their future success.

THE TRUNK: Foundational Education

As you well know, the trunk of a tree provides stability and serves as a conduit for the nutrients collected by the roots. The same holds for the education of our children. Done well, education can give our children the strength of a redwood.  Done poorly, the trunk becomes warped and unable to support the beauty of your child's dreams.

At Launchpad23, we believe that every child should have the knowledge, skills, and ability to:

  • Read at a sufficiently advanced level to allow for consumption and comprehension of knowledge relevant to their areas of interest;
  • Understand and apply math at a sufficiently advanced level to allow for the creation and consumption of equations, evidence, reasoning, and proofs relevant to their areas of interest;
  • Learn independently; 
  • Think critically about their ideas and the ideas of others; and
  • Translate their knowledge into action, and specifically:
    • ​Communicate their interests, needs, and vision persuasively;
    • Collaborate with any team to accomplish any goal;
    • Harness technology in service of their interests; and
    • Optimize their choices and decision-making.
With that foundation, that trunk, we believe a child can reach any topic, discipline, or skill they need throughout their life. How we help your child acquire those abilities, however, matters.
For example, at Launchpad23, we focus on making your child's learning environment:
  • Experiential. Your child needs practice synthesizing and applying their knowledge using hands-on formats with guardrails and guidance tailored to your child's individual needs. Knowing by doing allows students to make critical connections, and prepare for the real world, where teachers won't be there to tell them what to do, and how to do it.
  • Interdisciplinary. Every topic and community experience is developed to promote connections between topics and skills, and through those interactions, your child will develop critical context, and a latticework of concepts and abilities upon which they can store more and more knowledge and skills over time.
  • Empowering. We build your child's ability to do for themselves, so we necessarily limit hand-holding. Instead, we are coaches that encourage your child not to give up, and we supplement your child's belief in themselves when they are doing hard things, until doing hard things with confidence comes naturally.
  • Unlimited. We don't want there to be any limitations on your child's growth, so our co-pilots, the educators responsible for helping your child achieve their potential, are committed to following topics wherever your child's interests lead. The tallest trees grow outside for a reason, so ceilings of any sort have no place in our ecosystem, which includes the ceilings otherwise created by geographical reach. We have an international program for a reason, and we believe strongly that your child will benefit from the unlimited perspectives a global approach makes possible. 
To be clear, Launchpad23 is not the only way your child can check the boxes of foundational knowledge and skills they need to be future ready. If your child's existing educational landscape is accomplishing the above, congratulations! You are lucky!
If it is not, whether in whole or in part, we are here to help!
THE CANOPY: Your Child's Journey
Armed with the foundational knowledge, skills, and ability to thrive, your child is free to start building their journey, their canopy of roads taken.
We believe that continuing support and encouragement during this phase will help your child grow thick main branches that will not buckle when challenged by the forces of life, but our goal is always to reinforce your child as the pilot, owning their success, and the hard work it will take to achieve it.
As your child reaches for their dreams, their canopy will grow, and like a tree basking in sunlight, we want your child to thrive.
At Launchpad23, our mission is to help every child and every family that wants more from their educational experience. 
If that is you, welcome home, and we look forward to seeing you soon!
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