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Topic List

We pride ourselves on developing sessions that reflect the interests and objectives of our students, so this list gives you a sense of what the future holds until we learn about your interests!

If you are looking for examples from completed sessions,

please visit our 4Fun page.

The Art of Making Quick Decisions
Go4Games: Playing with Game Theory
Raising AI: A Thought Experiment
Risk: Caution or Catalyst?
Design Practicum: The Launchverse Build
Coding Practicum: The Launchverse Build
Mental Models (series)
- Fill Your Toolbox
- Practical Application
- Mastery
The Physics of Sports
Art and Architecture
Think Straight (series)
- Logical Fallacies
- Cognitive Bias
AI Ethics: Questions for the Future
Build the Perfect Teacher for YOU
Confidence in Decision Making
Emerging Technology: Exploration and Design
Applied Analytic Methods
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Uncertainty
The Science of Decision Making
THINKK Through Challenges
The Scientific Method: Next Level Application
Information Management: Finding Signal in the Noise
Time Management
Effective Advocacy
Systems and Boundaries
Models and Modelling
Improving Your Luck Quotient
Optimal: The Art of Negotiation (series)
Exploring the Dialectic
The Dialectic: Practice Makes Perfect
Foundation: Support Your Goals
Explore the Edge of Human Understanding
The Non-Profit Path
Application: Building Builders
Individual Design Aesthetics
Build Challenges (many)
Leadership (series)
- Guild Growth
- Earning Respect
- Managing Loneliness at the Top
Life Economics
Community of Inquiry: Introduction
Cryptography: Know the Code
Cryptography: Break the Code
Truly Understanding Pi
Logic: A equals B and beyond
Creating Art Through Math
Observed Mathematics: A Practicum
Likelihood and Probability: Super Tools
Communicating for Effect

Memo say what?

Voice: Find, Fortify, Fine-tune

Applied Learning: Publishing Practicum

Game Development (design to implementation)

Perspectives: Ripped from the Headlines

Club: Perspectives

Audacity: Unleash Your Potential

It Depends: The Ultimate Answer

Money Matters: Budgeting Basics

GeoFun: The Race

GeoFun: Circumnavigation Challenge

Club: Purveyors of Poetry

Technical Writing: Less is More

RIP Adjectives: Improving Your Writing

Projections: The Map You Think You Know

Fractal Forge: Creating Beauty

Statistically Speaking: Squishy Facts

Introduction to Ethics

Life Lessons: What You've Learned

NMA: Take Yourself Off Autopilot
GROW (series)
- Your Goals

- Your Franklin Virtues

- From Passion to Career

- The Weekly Check-in

- The Centenarian Challenge

- Balance

- Not Easy, but Not Impossible

- Find your Leadership Style

- File Your Flight Plan
- Valuing Values
- Meaningful Interactions
- Of course you are awesome
- Bigger Goals, Better Results
- Know Yourself

The History of Mathematics

Club: Photography Planet
The Art and Science of Spending Money

Charcoal Challenge

Symmetry in Nature

Exobiology: Science of the Future

Challenge: Prove the Earth is round

Fun with Zoology | Sanctuary Build
Why Water is Weird
Science Bingo
Why You Care (series)
- Botany
- Zoology
Animal Detectives
Fun with Fermi: Advanced Approximation
Call to Action: Hands-on Visual Rhetoric
Debate: Hands-on Rhetoric
Speak! (series)
- Find Your Voice
- Prepared Speeches
- Impromptu Speaking
- Presentation Visuals
- Practicum

Design Challenges
- Space Travel
- Futuristic Vehicles
- Next-generation housing
The Edge of Human Understanding
- Writer World
- Fermi Gym
- Connection (Chess / Go / Strategy)
- World Builders
- Community of Inquiry
Mission to Mars
The Logic of Being Nice
Let's Invent Something
Constructive Debate
Choose Your Tools and Wield Them Well
Artificial Intelligence: Visions of the Future
Artificial Intelligence: Build and Build

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