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 About Us 

At Launchpad23, we are on a mission to get humanity firing on all cylinders. 

Why? We know that traditional academic and other opportunities do not suffice. We all made it to adulthood only to find out that a lot of professional skills, and important life lessons, we had to learn for ourselves, and often the hard way. We wanted to build an experience that helped students learn those critical life skills, lessons, and the confidence gained by applied mastery before they reach adulthood. 

Why? We know, as parents, we can only do so much. Individually, our children are drops in a very large ocean of humanity, but we can do something about the composition of that ocean. Working together, we can give our children a network of friends and future colleagues that will encourage, inspire, and help them thrive no matter what the future holds for them. 


Why? We don't know what the future will bring, and anyone that says otherwise truly is trying to sell you something. As such, we need to arm our children with the versatile tools like leadership, planning, decision making, and logic that are always valuable, and importantly, we need to make sure they know how to use them

Why? Traditional education efforts face a critical mass problem due to geography, and cannot create specialized experiences around individual student interests due to their lack of scale. As a result, the educational return on investment is beyond poor when you consider the nearly two decades of a child's life committed to it. Technology, however, makes this a completely solvable problem, so we are correcting the ROI, so that excellence is within the reach of every child without the demand for conformity, crushing costs, and the span of their entire childhood.

Why? Even amazing academic training does not meet a child's very real, critical need for peer connections. Absent sources of positive peer connection, our children will accept poor, even harmful, substitutes that leave them feeling alone, isolated, and worse. We are doing something about that by giving our children a community with training wheels, where they can learn to build healthy friendships and connections with the benefit of adults to help keep that growth positive and affirming. 

Why? There are 8 billion brains on this planet, and more would be possible for everyone if they were all achieving to the maximum of their potential. Will we get to all 8 billion at once? Of course not, but if the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, creating Launchpad23 moved us forward, and your interest is the encouragement for all of us to continue taking steps until we get there.

We could keep going, but hopefully you get the idea. Launchpad23 is not just another anything. We are building something different, rooted in a genuine desire to make the world a better place for ourselves, our children, and all the generations to come.

If that mission speaks to you, welcome!


Mission Director

(Chief Executive Officer)


Mission Specialist

Finance and Technology

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Executive Director

Homeschool Hives



Community Officer


Mission Specialist


Kevin Lee

Mission Specialist

Strategic Games


Mission Specialist

Next-gen Concepts


Mission Specialist

Product Architecture

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Mission Specialist

Student Engagement

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Mission Specialist

Experience Development

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Program Director

Mentor Partnerships

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Mission Specialist

Agora23 Launch


Mission Specialist

Technology Development


Chief Gremlin Trapper

Our Programs

These are the first pieces of our mission that we are taking, as mutually-reinforcing efforts. 

Each title links to the main page for the program, where you will find additional information; however, if you have questions and cannot find the answers, please contact us!

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In The Launchverse, students ages 7 - 17 dive into an ecosystem of intellectual exploration, and a supportive community that provides weekly opportunities to work with other curious students from around the world. 

The overarching goal: to get our children future ready.

Launchverse sessions occur on Wednesdays.

Homeschool Hives is a tool for homeschooling families that do not want to be restricted to the small geographic area where they live.

Homeschool Hives opens doors, connecting the strengths of homeschoolers everywhere, and providing speakers, clubs, challenges, and activities that give our children the best of all worlds.

Homeschool Hives sessions occur on Tuesdays.


Agora23 is an ever-expanding home for curious adult minds that still enjoy the process of learning, discussing topics, and using inquiry to build understanding. 

We are purpose-building Agora23 to be accessible to everyone, so put on your thinking cap, and dive right into whatever topics capture your imagination, or find an active topic to observe as you get comfortable! 

Agora23 sessions occur on Wednesdays.

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