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Welcome to our sandbox.

The L23 Sandbox:
where educator creativity comes to life.

With sand, everyone starts with the same material, but some people have the vision, dedication, and audacity to build more.

The same is true of teaching. 

We are looking for individuals with the humility to make learning about the students, and the passion to bring their topical mastery to life in a way that inspires and ignites lasting curiosity.

If that sounds like you, keep scrolling, and let's see if we are a good fit.

Learn with us.

We host special L23 Sandbox sessions for educators to discuss what they are trying, what is working, and gain inspiration from other audacious creators.

If you would like to be notified about upcoming sessions, use the form below.

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

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Our Sandbox Principles


In the Launchpad23 Sandbox, we are co-pilots, helping our student pilots accomplish their dreams and goals, but never stepping out in front of them with our knowledge, or trying to dictate where their journey takes them.

Student-led experiences make more possible for those brave enough to give up the spotlight and use it instead to light the way for the next generation.


We believe that the foundation for a great learning environment comes from educators sharing questions that they are passionate about, and we are careful not to drain the passion with too much repetition.


 It also means that we never dictate what is taught. Instead, if we have a gap, we look for people that can bring new subjects to life, and add them to the team!


We believe in the power of a positive culture to expand what is possible in a learning environment, and central to that is a commitment to inquiry and the power of questions to surface understanding.

Questions make it possible to go deeper into subjects, beyond what even the best lecture can impart, and they make it clear just how much we all still have left to learn.


Knowledge without action is untried, and an academic exercise. As such, we build open experiences that allow our students to take what they are learning, synthesize it with what they know, and create something new.

Application also requires a willingness to challenge students to push beyond 'good enough' and to invest the effort to find their niche at the edge of human understanding.

Our Process



We encourage everyone interested in joining the team to learn as much as they can, and our unoffice hours are a great way to do that in a casual setting.



This is how you formalize your request to join the team, but be prepared.

We take our mission seriously, and our application reflects that!



If we like what we see in your application, we will schedule an opportunity (or several) to see how you interact with our team and others in our community.

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