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Let's get
our children
future ready.

You know traditional academics aren't enough.

At Launchpad23, we are doing something about it by building an educational experience for students ages 7 - 17 that: 

- roots students in their interests; 

- builds supportive peer networks;

- promotes real-world mastery; and

- develops practical life skills that 
  you had to learn the hard way.

Our Philosophy

The Experience

Parents and Daughter
Free Parent Sessions
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Inspiring the Gifted
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We   Homeschoolers
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WHO can join?

Students 7 to 17 years old, with level B2 (or above) English language skills, including homeschoolers and students in non-traditional school settings. We will be adding special programming for younger siblings, so inquire if interested. We also have separate programs and activities for parents, so you will not be left out of the fun! If you have special circumstances that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us, because we want to do what we can to accommodate as many families as possible.

WHERE are sessions?

For now, all sessions will be online; however, we look forward to the near future when Launchpad23 families can meet in person, and even travel to Launchpad23 events around the world.

HOW do I enroll?

Click where it says "reserve your cild's seat in the program." If you have any trouble enrolling, or have additional questions, contact We're here to help!

WHAT is taught?

Session topics vary each month based upon student interest. Guest speakers, team challenges, club meetings, and other activities add variety, as well. Importantly, students are learning skills such as critical thinking and teamwork, which transcend individual topics, but create the connective tissue enabling each child's successes. Check out the Experience Preview section, as well, for additional information, or schedule unoffice hours with us to talk about your child's interests and needs!

WHY Launchpad23?

Launchpad23 is an advantage. It's the missing subjects, delivered in a way that excites. It's the depth in a child's area of interest that schools cannot achieve, because they don't have a critical mass of interest in any given specialization the way we can with a global network of students. It's the fun that traditional education is so often missing, and the ability to share the joy and fun with new friends from around the world. If you are concerned about shortcomings in your child's educational environment, or you just love the idea of your child learning more with other students from around the world, we also encourage you to attend our fireside chats or parent courses, because you are not alone, and we want to help.

HOW do we prepare?

Every child goes through our pre-launch checklist to help them prepare for Launch Day. In addition, encourage your child to think about their interests, their goals for participating, and to write those expectations down, if they are so inclined. They will be in the pilot's seat soon enough, so tell them to think big, and get ready to make it happen!

WHEN are sessions?

We launch every Wednesday at: - 10:00 UTC for our families in Asia and Australia; - 13:00 UTC for India, the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe; - 9 A.M. Eastern Time (currently 17:00 UTC) for Western Europe, Western Africa, and homeschoolers in The Americas; and - 12 P.M. Eastern Time (currently 23:00 UTC) for families in The Americas. On our registration page, you will be able to see all of those options in your local time zone. If none of the times work for you, please contact us, so that we can start exploring additional options!

HOW much does it cost?

Your child's first two sessions are free, because we want to earn your loyalty the old-fashioned way: by exceeding your expectations. The base family rate is US$85 per month, which includes weekly classes and activities for one student and two parents or guardians. Additional students within the same family may be added for US$ 20 per student.

HOW do I contact you?

We know that every child and circumstance is unique, so we encourage you to contact us. We can be contacted at, or via the contact us page.

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