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We love homeschoolers, because many of us are homeschoolers, and we built this program, in part, to give our own children the very best educational opportunities possible. 

We can speak from personal experience, then, when we say that
homeschoolers thrive in our sessions, which allow you to add breadth and depth to their homeschooling without adding to your workload!

In addition, your child will meet friends the world over, meaning not just socialization (we all get asked about it constantly, do we not?), but your child will
build a global network of friends. 

We also offer a significantly reduced rate for additional children, to help keep the program reasonable for your budget!  

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Homeschool Hives

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If you've been looking for a co-op, but cannot find a fit locally, or maybe your local co-op is more socialization than challenge for your child, look no further! 

Homeschool Hives is a virtual co-op featuring speakers, challenges, clubs, and more! The co-op works in concert with our Launchpad23 sessions, so you can do both!

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