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We know that neurodiversity is a strength, and we welcome all children to participate. 

We know how important environment is for some children, so we want to share more about what to expect:

  • The experience starts with an opportunity for you and your child to let us know their interests, likes, and dislikes, so you will have an opportunity to share with us what works best for your child;
  • The sessions occur each Wednesday, and run for approximately 2 hours, although we have natural breakpoints if that is too long for your child;
  • The sessions are conducted in English, but include non-native English language speakers;
  • The sessions promote free-flowing dialogue, so some interrupting does occur as the students learn the social dynamics of group discussions, and the volume can best be described as boisterous when the students are excited; and
  • The sessions are dynamic, so the structure can and will change session to session. 

We have a number of accommodations we can make to help maximize the chance of success for your child, including:

  • Meeting at least one teacher in advance;
  • Arriving early to their first session, to get settled;
  • Allowing your child to leave early, to shorten the total length; and
  • Priority access to your child's topic of interest.
We also include a 14-day risk-free trial, so your child can attend two sessions to determine if the program is a fit. If it is not, for any reason, you only need to let us know to cancel your subscription. 
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