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​​​If this sounds like exactly what you have been looking for, we look forward to seeing your child at our next launch! 

At Launchpad23, we promise a Safe, Meaningful, Individualized Learning Environment tailored to the needs of your gifted child. 

In practice, that means:

1. We help your gifted child identify their unique strengths, interests, and goals.

Some gifted children come with built-in passions, while many struggle to translate their unique gifts into goals that call them. ​From our initial CLUE Evaluation, which helps us understand your gifted child, and their individual learning environment, to our bespoke, purpose-built content, we take our commitment to individualized learning with absolute seriousness, because your child is unique, and that uniqueness is a strength.

2. We work with your gifted child to shore up critical skills.

Many gifted children lean into what comes easily, neglecting skills that will become necessary in the real world.​

At Launchpad23, we use our CALL to Action to help gifted students understand and monitor their growth in the critical interpersonal and life skills that every gifted child needs to thrive, and we provide individualized monitoring, feedback, and assistance to help each child grow in a balanced manner.

Specifically, we want every gifted child to be able to:

Communicate their interests, needs, and vision persuasively;

(oral, written, and mass communication skills)

Act to accomplish their goals;

(decision making, problem solving, and self-efficacy skills)

Learn to optimize their choices;

(critical thinking, expanding expertise, and LIFE Skills, including technical Literacy, Interpersonal skills, Financial literacy, and Executive functioning skills)

Lead any team to accomplish any goal.

(personal, team, and mission leadership skills)

3. We build a community around your child comprised of gifted children from around the world.

Most gifted children cannot find a local best friend that truly understands them, their passions, and how they see the world.

That is why we are building a global community, that already has gifted children from six continents, to create an invaluable network of peers to support, motivate, and challenge your child now and in the future.

We call our community The Launchverse, and it is a moderated, online space that contains a number of features designed to stimulate and motivate gifted minds, including:

  • The Challenge Codex. An ever-growing library of interest- and skill-specific challenges to motivate accelerated learning;

  • Guilds. Groups of gifted children with similar interests pursuing those interests together, even if they live around the world from each other;

  • The Puzzle Warehouse. A treasure trove filled with historic and original puzzles to challenge even the brightest gifted child; and

  • Cadet Constellations. Individual space for each gifted child to track their journey, reflect as part of metacognition, and save their curiosities, plans, and goals for their future.​​

  • We offer a 14-day free trial, with no charge if the program is not the right fit for your child.

  • ​After the free trial, the cost is US$85 per month for the first child, and US$20 per sibling, and we are committed to access for all gifted students.​

  • Our launches (sessions) occur every Wednesday for two hours each, with times convenient for every continent. 

  • If your child has specialized needs that you would like to discuss, please contact us, as we want to help.

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Welcome fellow gifted families!

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