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 Families Facing   Health Challenges 
Whether your child faces medical challenges, or their sibling, or a parent, we want Launchpad23 to be a solution that you can trust to help return some normalcy to the life of your child and well-deserved support.

For children facing medical issues, Launchpad23 provides flexibility, as your child can select the launch that works best for their schedule, even if that changes week to week. Our sessions also have two separate parts, making it easier to leave, if scheduling or endurance necessitate, without your child falling behind their peers.

For siblings, and children in families where a parent faces medical issues, Launchpad23 again provides flexibility, allowing your child to have a constant network of friends that due to the global nature of the program, are around at hours that many programs would not be able to provide community and support.

We also have a moderated virtual community that will allow your child to interact with others, even if some weeks they cannot attend a session for whatever reason.

Finally, we also have a program to provide reduced-cost or tuition-free seats in the program, if you are facing financial hardship, so please know that we will not allow tuition to become a barrier to your child's participation.

In terms of next steps, we recommend that you contact us, before enrolling, so that we can make a plan for how to help your child make the most of the experience, and whatever adaptations we can develop to help your child thrive.

We look forward to hearing from you, and stay strong!

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