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We are launching a new time to serve Australia, New Zealand, and neighboring islands!

Online Education Purpose-built to Connect Your Child to the World

5 - 7 PM AEST every Wednesday

  • What about special circumstances?
    Please contact us, so that we may address your specific situation, as every child is unique. We also provide general information about common questions below. Gifted families Homeschooling families Neurodivergent families Expatriate (Expat) and military families Families affected by bullying Families facing health challenges Project BRIGHT Bringing Resources and Involvement to Gifted Homes Together
  • How much does Launchpad23 cost?
    Launchpad23 costs US$85 per month for the first child, and US$20 per month per additional sibling, billed after the two-week, risk-free trial. Please contact us, if you need assistance.
  • Does my child qualify?
    We welcome curious children ages 7 - 17 with: level B2 (or above) English language skills, and a laptop or desktop computer with a stable internet connection.
  • How will Launchpad23 help my child?
    Launchpad23 provides a supportive environment for curious children to develop their unique interests and strengths, and the critical skills and tenacity they will need to thrive in any future. Specifically, we challenge each cadet to: Communicate their interests, needs, and vision persuasively (oral, written, and mass communication skills); Act to accomplish their goals (decision making, problem solving, and efficacy skills); Learn to optimize their choices (critical thinking, interest-based expertise, and LIFE skills (LIFE = technical Literacy, Interpersonal, Financial and Executive skills)); and Lead any team to accomplish any goal (personal leadership, team leadership, and mission leadership skills). That is the Launchpad23 CALL to Action, and it serves as a tool to help you and your child monitor their growth. We accomplish that growth by providing challenge and community: Weekly Launches. Our weekly launches serve as the backbone of the program, during which students select a topic to learn about, based upon their interests, and work on group challenges and missions that test their ability to turn their knowledge into effective action. The Launchverse. Each cadet also has access to a 24/7, moderated community where they will be challenged and learn between sessions with their new friends from around the world. Simply put, at Launchpad23, your child will be challenged to do hard things, and to develop the drive necessary to work at the edge of human understanding in the field of their choosing. See examples
  • Will this fit our schedule?
    Our launches (sessions) occur every Wednesday for two hours each.


​​​If this sounds like exactly what you have been looking for, we look forward to seeing your child at our next launch! 

  • Our launches (sessions) occur every Wednesday for two hours each, and our new time for Australia / New Zealand / the region begins September 4, 2024.  

  • We offer a 14-day free trial, with no charge if the program is not the right fit for your child.

  • ​After the free trial, the cost is US$85 per month for the first child, and US$20 per sibling, and we are committed to access for all children.​

  • If your child has specialized needs that you would like to discuss, please contact us, as we want to help.

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